Back Country Horsemen of Florida 

Recognized as a state chapter of Back Country Horsemen of America April 24, 2014

Back Country Horsemen Making a Difference in Florida 

As 2016 draws to an close, we look back and reflect on another year of growing enthusiasm and support for equestrian trails on public lands in Florida and across our nation. Our national organization, Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) experienced continuing growth this year as new chapters formed in 4 additional states plus an affiliate chapter was recognized in New York.  This is a grand-total of 34 states with BCHA chapters, approximately 13,000 members nationwide.  Our Florida state chapter, Back Country Horsemen of Florida (BCHFL), also grew as a new chapter, Back Country Horsemen of Southeast Ocala Forest formed.  BCHFL now has 3 local chapters with over 150 members total.  

In May 2017, BCHFL proudly announced that another local chapter has formed to serve the Suwannee Valley area near Lake City, Fl.  That makes a total of 4 local chapters in Florida.

What does this growth mean to us as equestrian trail users?   It means that becoming a BCHA member unites you with all the other BCHA members and your voice and sphere of influence for equestrian trails is much greater.  You are now a force to be reckoned with when you talk to your local land managers, your state officials, your county and local officials, and the equestrians in your community about preserving existing trails or creating new trails.

It all starts as a grass roots effort just like it did in Montana 45 years ago with 4 people sitting around a campfire and just like it did in Florida 10 years ago with 25 people in my living room.  It starts as an idea, a vision, a need.  People with common interests talk and the momentum and support grows along with the courage to go forward.  You put yourself out there and expend lots of energy with many hours of volunteer effort.  Is it worth it?  You bet it is!

Please come and join us.

Together we can make a difference!

We would like to count you as a member of the Back Country Horsemen family in Florida.  We encourage you to join a local chapter that is near you.  However, if there is not a local chapter near you or you would like to start a new local chapter in Florida then please join the Back Country Horsemen of Florida and become an at-large member.  Please check the various chapters’ websites or FB pages for more information and membership applications.

State Chapter:

Back Country Horsemen of Florida:  State-wide at

Local Chapters:

Florida Forever Back Country Horsemen:  Focuses on the Citrus tract of Withlacoochee State Forest and other equestrian trails in and around Citrus Country at

Nature Coast Back Country Horsemen: Focuses on the Croom tract of Withlacoochee State Forest, Withlacoochee State Trail (RTT), and Townsen Preserve at

Back Country Horsemen of Southeast Ocala Forest: Focuses on Ocala National Forest.  Facebook

Suwanne Valley Back Country Horsemen:  Focuses on equestrian trails in  Suwannee Valley area near Lake City, Fl

Kathy Thompson,

Chairperson, Back Country Horsemen of Florida

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