BCHFL Membership

Why join BCHFL?

Because we need YOU!

Add your voice to those of more than 15,000 of your fellow

American horsemen and horsewomen who are committed

to preserving for our children and grandchildren

a legacy to witness the natural grandeur of this country

-- as Teddy Roosevelt spoke so fondly of --

"from the back of a horse."

By joining Back Country Horsemen of Florida (BCHFL) your voice will be heard in Florida through our work with local public land managers as volunteers and through grassroots action. You will also be part of Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA), the largest national network of equestrian trail advocates.

Becoming a member of BCHFL means you will receive quarterly the BCHA newsletter, which features the hottest issues regarding equestrian access to our public lands. You will also receive the BCHFL newsletter that keeps you informed about local and state issues concerning our ability to exercise our right to ride on the public lands in Florida.

Interested individuals can help us accomplish our goals by joining a local chapter in your area. Or you can join BCHFL as an at-large member. Better yet, join us as an at-large member of BCHFL and work with your friends and neighbors to form a local chapter to address the equestrian trail issues in your own “Backyard”.

BCHFL encourages Individual and Family memberships. Membership is annual through the end of December.

Note: Family membership entitles you to two votes. A portion of your membership dues goes to the national organization.

Please come and join us. Together we can make a difference!