BCHFL Shindig 2016 Report

After expenses, the Shindig’s net income was $1020 (rounded). At the Shindig committee meeting in January 2016 it was agreed to split proceeds from the Shindig equally between the three local chapters. I am pleased to report that BCHSEO, FFBCH, and NCBCH will each receive a check from BCHFL for $340. Thank you to all for once again working hard in putting on a successful Shindig.

The ballpark figure for attendance was 140 as estimated by the pre-wrapped utensils remaining and the handful of people that we know did not eat.

As always there are thanks that go to many people for planning, organizing, preparing for, and executing the Shindig. I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people:

Gary Macintosh for organizing the Shindig, providing the chicken, drinks, and other miscellaneous items. Kathy Thompson for setting up the pre-registration (which almost worked, 90 of the 140 people pre-registered) and for collecting the $5 donations for food in lieu of bringing a pot luck that amounted to $135. Rose Kruser who helped with registration. Mary Lou Patton and Ann Hopta for organizing the door prizes and Chinese Auction and to the many people who helped them do the final organization and set up at the Shindig. Deb Shaughnessy for announcing the door prizes. Deb Crawford and Jennifer Fischer for selling Chinese Auction tickets. The several people who sold the 50/50 tickets. Patricia Holley and Frank Vans Evers for providing the ham and turkey. Sally McDavid for providing the supplies for the kitchen The FFBCH crew for organizing the kitchen, relaying the food, and cleaning the kitchen. Karen Pando for going the extra mile and providing some extraordinary prizes in spite of all the other things that are on her plate in getting the new local chapter organized.

Truman Prevatt, BCHFL President