BCHFL Shindig 2016

Post date: Apr 02, 2016 3:18:11 PM

Where do I begin? We held our first Shindig in 2008 as an affiliate local chapter of BCHA with approximately 50 people. It was well supported and we were happy that the organization, formed to work with land managers to preserve our equine trails, was up and running. Roll forward to 2016 at the dinning hall at Tillis Hill - over 140 people representing three local chapters of the Back Country Horsemen of Florida. We have grown in 8 years from one affiliate chapter to a state chapter of BCHA with three local chapters. This growth is because people recognize the importance of our mission and they recognize that the approach of BCHFL for local equestrians to volunteer and work with their local land managers - works well for equestrians.

While it was tiring for everyone involved in the planning and execution of this yearly event, at the end of the day it was rewarding to see so many of you supporting our mission. I want to thank everyone who helped to put on this Shindig, everyone that came to our Shindig, and our very generous sponsors. Our annual Shindig serves as our yearly meeting of the members and is a social event where like-minded horse people can get together. This year we were blessed with good weather so people could spread out both inside and outside for the meal and social part of the event. The good news is that we are out-growing the available facilities to host our annual meeting and places for our local chapters to hold their monthly meetings.

It was a good day for horsemen in Florida.

Truman Prevatt

President, Back Country Horsemen of Florida