DOT Announces Results of C2C Feasibility Study

Post date: Apr 02, 2016 3:20:34 PM

In meetings on March 30,2016 in Center Hill, Fl and on March 31, 2016 in Ridge Manor, Fl. the DOT presented the results of their feasibility study to determine the most viable route for the C2C connector trail through Sumter County. An overview of the various factors that went into the final selection were presented along with the map showing the alternate routes that were considered.

The final route selection is shown on the map as a corridor bounded by the green and yellow trail. The route selected will go through Webster, but the exact route will be determined in the next phase of the study. A bridge that will accommodate equestrians will be built across the Withlacoochee River. The bridge will connect the equestrian trails in East Croom with the equestrian trails in West Croom. The exact location of the bridge will be determined in the next phase of the DOT study. The two sites currently under consideration are where the power lines cross the river and where the Iron Bridge crossed the river at one time.

Note of interest from the meeting: Of the over 115 people in attendance at the meeting in Ridge Manor we are proud to report that over 25 of them were equestrians. We were well represented and many of us submitted comment forms.